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Did You Know?

Women may have a greater risk of developing gestational diabetes if they:

•Are obese when they become pregnant.
•Have high blood pressure or other medical complications.
•Have given birth to a large (greater than 9 pounds) baby before.
•Have given birth to a baby that was stillborn or suffering from certain birth defects.
•Have had gestational diabetes before.
•Have a family history of diabetes.
•Come from certain ethnic backgrounds, including African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or Pacific Islander.
•Are older than 30 years.

But half of women who develop gestational diabetes have no risk factors. If untreated, gestational diabetes can cause serious complications for your newborn. For example, babies of untreated mothers may grow too large (macrosomia), increasing the risk of problems during birth, such as injuries to their shoulders and arms.

Our Diabetes Educator and Perinatalogist work together to help women achieve good diabetic control prior to conception and then during pregnancy to lower their risk of birth defects, macrosomia and related diabetes complications.
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